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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Now don't forget

Ah, Saturday, nice lie in bed Saturday, zzz! Oops ! Today is Highway cleanup day, and so instead of bed there we are in the early(ish) hour standing at the tail end of a pickup drinking coffee and nibbling on muffins. Fifteen show up and so off we went in teams of four to clean two miles of highway verge. After years we have it down to a fine art. 3 teams split the stint into 2/3 mile lengths and 2 to each side. Two bags each and off we go. All done in just under two hours. As a social comment on the discharge habit of the travelling public, not as many beer cans as usual, no hard liquor or diapers, just one dead animal, mainly soda and fast food refuse.

Then on the way home realize that tomorrow and not Monday is the Actress Birthday. Drop by, in order, the bookstore, the card shop and the cake shop. Luckily a lady in the latter ices a quick greeting, now it just has to stay cool in the car until I can get it home.

Scoot into the office to do a quick presentation, but spend most of the time blogging and doing e-mail and scanning in more slides. Digital ICE does not work when scanning in the Polaroids from the late '80s. Today its more than 50 Stonehenge pictures. Which means I need to shift them over to a CD. (Wonder if I should send the slides or CD's over to the Archives).

Tonight it is off to the theater with Teacher as a guest. So must be home early. Maybe I won't get to do any presentations - well there is always Monday night. (We have Congressional folk in the lab on Monday).


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