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Sunday, August 01, 2004

More time wasting

Well courtesy of the teaching assistant I did the little quiz on the type of elitist I am located here and found that I rated a

"You know which wines go best with which foods, and you can make New York City's finest sommalier feel like a kid at a keg party. You wanna take that Emeril guy and beat him with a stick, but really - you've got more class than that. What people love: You know the best restaurants and what their specialties are. What people hate: Every waiter in town wants to mangle your pretentious ass."

In light of which this week's wine was a Solobal Rioja Crianza 1997 - that's the Ha! bit, the fact that I don't know what the penultimate word means, proves that they got me wrong. (On the other hand I did once send back a malt whisky in Vegas when they brought me a Highland rather than an Islay).

We drove around this afternoon checking out the Magellan, which managed to get us to an address we thought was somewhere else (but wasn't) and then back home. The Actress is pleased.

Otherwise I spent a bit of time staring at my navel and trying to decide how to play this little bit of university politics, that probably has little meaning and less significance anywhere, including probably here.


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