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Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm Bushed

No, not in the current versions of the term, but just the older one of having had a very long busy day. The Course got off to a great start with everyone having ensured that the note books were full, the refreshments in place and the demos ready.

Don't know that the skull on the notebook cover was the most appropriate picture, but the Administrator said it was and so that's what it is. Things rolled along well all morning with both my lectures clicking. I skipped part of others to join in the phone interviews for the Admin job. Got very different views from candidates of different backgrounds, but reasssuring in that there were a couple of good ones today (better than the earlier interviewee). If I can slip out tomorrow I can hear two more.

Rumors of decisions from yesterday's meeting are already spreading. The fact that there has been nothing from Hatless suggests that that avenue is not being pursued. If not before we will probably discuss it on Tuesday. It appears that the Prince Regent has managed to prevail yet again. (But then he is the effective monarch).

After the afternoon session I snuck back and tried using glossy paper to print better photos on the laser printer, but they really didn't turn out much better than on plain stock, and the paper was much more expensive. Then I slipped a print of each attendee "Killing the Pig" over the skull on the cover of their notebooks. Barely got finished before I had to dash to the dinner (must be reliving the inner childhood that just tenured suggests I seek).

Was sat next to an alum in the oil bidness and so we discussed the long term implications of oil prices (since we are only $1.50 and likely only a week or so away from my oil barrel price prediction). He was much more optimistic about Saudi ability and likelihood of increasing production to control prices than I remain. But the data is not there to know how long we can rely on the Middle East, we are not going to get much more out of Iraq, and Iran is stirring the pot to make sure that continues. China on the other hand is already seeing energy problems as they continue to grow and if our energy demand grows by half-a-million barrels a day where will it come from ? No easy answers. (And alternative energy will in the short term not be able to do anything about meeting the demands for fuel for existing cars). No I think the pundits quoted a week ago as anticipating an average price of maybe $30 - $35 a barrel next year are going to prove to be quite optimistic.


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