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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Doubting Thomas

Struggling through Thomas Frank's book "What's the Matter with Kansas ? How Conservatives won the Heart of America" on the changes in Kansas politics, induced by the radical right using social issues to move fok to the political right it was instructive to see how the results shook out in Missouri last night.

According to Frank's hypothesis, and I believe some of the intent of the Republican party in trying to get the issue of gay marriage as a constitutional issue onto the November ballot, conservative - read Republican - voters would be more compelled to go to the polls and vote for this - helping in the process the Republican vote. And the definition of marriage goes into the constitution with about 70% of the vote.

One also notes that in the current polls MO is inclined to vote for Bush.

But there were about 1.4 million folk who voted and about 800,000 of them were voting for Democratic candidates (based on the Governors race). There had been a suggestion that Republicans were being encouraged to vote Democratic and for the Governor since, as in California, he is apparently an unpopular figure and easier to defeat. Well either he is even more unpopular than reported or that didn't work, since he is now toast.

Which leads me to a couple of conclusions (being a political idiot) the first is that Frank is wrong (which allows me not to finish the book) and the second is that perhaps the Republicans might have a bigger problem in the state than they think.



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