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Friday, August 20, 2004

A disorderly mind

The Actress has a severe cold and was up most of the night, and thus in bed most of the day, but in the true spirit of the theater is off to the performance tonight.

The conference is over and facetious comments elsewhere can be blamed on the large glass of Japanese whiskey (Nikka - the experiment continues) that I celebrated with. We got the Oklahoma contract signed and in the discussion, and based on some sample materials that were on the table at the time, a possible answer to the Boston problem bubbled into one's head. But can we try it next week when the Boston folk are here ? Do I gamble or play safe ? For those who dice with research there is really no question ! (Which may explain the lapses in funding that seem to occur from time to time).

The decision about the future directions have now been disseminated and our focus on Experiential Learning, Homeland Security issues and the Environment are, in an increasingly irrelevant opinion, somewhat conservative and being reactive rather than pro-active, but we shall see. Correction - that only applies to the latter two the learning module is still hot and can be made a lot of.

Next week also we will be ordering the piece of equipment that had originally been designated for elimination, with the money redirected to fund an alternate program. (This was one of my earliest intemperate posts). But until it arrives (and perhaps gives me something to play with in my declining years) perhaps I should be cautious about celebrating.

Saw our oil alum again today and he was pointing out that good though the market is, the declines over the past decade mean that when he now needs equipment to drill new wells, or re-treat old ones, it is impossible to get timely responses from the companies that provide the services - they are already booked up for months. So maybe my $50 prediction was too conservative (we got within about $0.50 of it today).

Prof Grrrl was talking about the joy that comes with teaching, and after going in all groggy this morning, the first lecture really brought me back up for the rest of the day. Showing folk how to actually accomplish something new that they had not thought they could do - yup, mighty tasty groceries ! (Though making a new idea work actually just beats it by a head). The down side is that I am now totally drained. Done ! Toast ! And with the iMac dead there is not even the brain-dead option of refurbishing old photos !

Protocol question from a neophyte - is it proper to write your own blog for the day before seeing what others have written or the converse ? This evening has been about 50:50, though I think I had better stop commenting before visiting elsewhere . . . .


At 11:37 AM, Blogger bitchphd said...

I almost treat writing & commenting as separate activities. Sometimes I don't "have time" to write so I surf others, "real quick," and then something tweaks something I want to write about, so I do; others, I don't "have time" to surf, but something to say, so I just write.


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