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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Creativity or through a glass clearly

The fun thing about blogging around the academic blog-sphere is the never-knowing anticipation of what has happened since yesterday. It's far too addictive. Then there are the quizes, which seem to be getting more common (or I'm just finding where to look). Today was the pirate at fidius which I got to from Just Tenured who turned out to have the same name as I earned.

Then there are the discussions. There is a good one on Creativity at the gaping void which I tried, for some reason without success, to add a comment to. It was on knowing "the great idea" when it comes. Having done some part of this my answer was something on the lines of "When the idea written in soap on the bathroom mirror in the dark at 3 am is still readable and makes sense at 6." On the other hand sometimes they just feel right, and they are easy to see and build on. The not-so-good usually don't just appear but have to be teased out like whelks.

On the other hand the occasional glass of what is good for one has also been known to help considerably (including my last disclosure).

Turns out I was too impatient and the comment did appear in somewhat better form than the above. Ah, well given the sort of day it has been I think it's time to find if the source cited above will induce further creative processes - but not, I think here, tonight. I think there is a bottle of Korean something or other around. . . . . .


At 9:03 PM, Blogger PowerProf said...

The blogosphere is quite addictive, isn't it?

Great way to know if you're idea is a keeper. I keep a pad of yellow sticky notes by the bed so I don't have to get up and run to the bathroom to write those super ideas on the mirror. (or more likely those things to do that I've spaced out on!)

At 10:34 PM, Blogger anbruch said...

As per Just Tenured's comment, what I find really interesting about the blogosphere (I think of it as blogworld) is which ideas find traction, which help build a series of blogs into community of blogger buddies, and so forth. It's rarely the ideas that I think will take off that do. For, while I know a long-winded post (alas, my mode of being) is not likely to garner attention in the comments unless, like Leuschke's on anonymity, it links to lots of other bloggers, short and pithy, or even outrageously funny posts don't always do the trick either. So I'm just always curious to see which blog bits are going to interest the community at any particular moment.

Most definitely addictive. I really don't know what I'm going to do when classes start up in earnest...


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

Since this is my first summer of this I don't know what will happen in a month or two with classes etc. I am going to have to organize this and discipline myself since I find it easy to lose an hour or two poking around in here.

But maybe once the election is over some of this will go away and there won't be as many issues to chase out there. I'm not well organized and have to write things down to remember them (particularly calendar things) but I used to copy lists from day to day to force me to address issues, but it got too frustrating and often there were too many other things that were more important so I sort of stopped. (I still try and list the most important four or so things to do in a day on my paper calendar).

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What is it with girls fighting?




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