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Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Call to England

Had to call the front desk at the home since four tries at five minute intervals did not get an answer. The Manager went up to Mum's room and she was just watching the Olympics with the sound turned up too loud to hear the phone. Not really anything else new. We discussed the problems of Teacher and money again and now I was telling her the same things that she had told me last week. Helas !

Since I comment here on what I read on other sites, I suppose I should use Trackback, but first of all I checked with the Blogger help page and it says that they don't support it yet, and secondly being still in the neophyte stage, I am not sure I would understand how to use it. (Is there a Blogging for Idiots book ?) I am waiting for Safari to come out with their next generation since the number of little tokens just above the square I am writing in is only two, and I think there might be a few more if I used a different program.

Well just put the Olympics off, since there are a couple of lectures to revise before I depart at the end of the week . . . . .


At 2:35 PM, Blogger anbruch said...

It's not a Safari problem, but a Mac one, I think. As I understand it, Blogger only supports minimal functions on the Mac. We can't "blogger this," for instance—though I've never quite figured out why I'd want to...

You can install holoscan commenting, which supports trackback. It's free, relatively easy to install, and suffers only from a 1000 character limit on comments. Some complain about the fact that holoscan "cookies." Personally, I find linking works just as well as tracking back. You can always find links to your site by checking out your technorati profile.

If you do decide to change to holoscan commenting, beware that you'll have to transfer all of your blogger comments to holoscan by hand—if you choose to keep them.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

Thanks for the advice. I am going to be fairly busy for the next month, but I think that when I come back I may get the Haloscan option. I have used it on other sites and it seems more useful than this way of commenting.


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