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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Call to England

Mum was watching the Olympics, where there is more UK succcess than in some previous times. However the main news was that she has been called by one of Dad's cousins about the condition of Teacher, Dad's sister. When Teacher's husband died some eighteen months ago, he was really her care giver as she was in early stage Alzheimers. Her son, Tunneler, lives in NY and could only get away to arrive on the day of the funeral. Since then he has visited her about once a month, apparently using monies that Teacher's husband had kept in a separate account (it was a second marriage). Nothing particularly wrong with that, except that with the situation getting worse, he does not appear to be involved in helping find a new solution and cousin was concerned that the available money may be running out.

This is the frustration of being that far away. Traveller has never been that close to Teacher so while I will drop a note in that direction it may not help much. I can drop by and see Teacher when I am there in September, but only for a night, and that won't really solve anything. And the computer that has Tunneler's address and number died earlier in the week. Being the rat fink that puts an Aged Relative in care is not fun, having done it for Mum, and watching her trauma at doing it for Dad. But if Tunneler won't I guess I may have to take a week off sometime (hopefully not before October - we're swamped) to go over there and help sort this out. Rabbits!

Otherwise all is well, she is getting on well with her own new care giver and looking forward to my visit, which she had forgotten about.


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