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Sunday, August 15, 2004

A Call to England

With the Actress off to the matinee, this was a little later today (given also that it was the Actress birthday - she got Calendar Girls among other things). The Engineer and the Advocate called, but after she had left. The Engineer and I had a video chat with him in his office and me in the bedroom. We also had a call from . . .

Hmm! what shall we call you, dear friends ? (Old Friends . . .? Can't get too Bushie . . . .)

Mum was quite bright, after the Traveller and family had been up for a couple of days. The weather was good so they went to a local Stately Home (where Bobby Shaftoe lived) where the eldest Grandchild insisted that she pay for lunch. We are getting old !

Not really a lot new but she sounded in good spirits and we talked of the Olympics and that the Opening Show wasn't quite as good as some in the past.

Well must dash out to dinner . . .


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