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Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Call from England

Mum's phone is still not working right so, knowing that, she is still calling out to all of us. Her dentist dropped by yesterday and for thirty pounds pulled a tooth and remade the denture. He added a couple of clasps and these are pulling her remaining teeth into shape and so discomforting. Much better than the $x00 it would have cost over here (since she is paying for it herself).

We talked about her hip operation since Mary, the 93-year old that fell, broke her hip and so they are giving her a new one. Mum recommends it, since she has had no pain since they did hers just over 2 years ago. However after her incident last week her leg is all black and blue, but the cut is healing. I need to remember this since the Administrator has a growing crack in her hip, and is coming to talk to me about it tomorrow since they are talking hip surgery to her. (She is not confident).

The Traveller and family are going up next Friday, and arrangements will be made to get some of the legal paperwork taken care of to cover the finances. It is very frustrating being this far away and not able to help, but he seems to be coping well.


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