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Thursday, August 12, 2004

But it was so nice . . . .

Motivated by other cool people that have been reporting on the indulgence of lying late in bed, before the start of the semester, I took an extra hour under the covers this morning. Herumph! I came in to two papers that needed to be reviewed Today sitting on my chair. Oh, and a reporter had called from Seattle. But since I was at the Great Political Event I had missed the chance for a line in the piece. (Which peripherally deals with our Ohio work).

Not to worry there was a student on line who needed to know if the company he was working for during the summer could use our stuff to solve a problem. Would love to have sounded brilliant but it was solved about 30 years ago - sigh! It was a day that went like that. I reset up my laptop to scan in slides and worked through about 50 off to the side as little problem after little problem filled the day. After sending off the paper reviews (though there were apparently supposed to be four) was reminded that we have to submit the presentations for Europe by Monday. Ulp ! So we argued about a common style and chose one. (I need to do my two tomorrow). Then finally got round to finishing the recommendation - actually she had 128 hits on Google, but I didn't read them all. Discussed our results with the Boston folk - for over an hour - don't think we will get more from them they need results faster and cheaper than they can realistically be obtained. Nobody ever did this before and feeling our way forward as we are we just cannot pull instant answers out of thin air. They will be here in two weeks, and the folk from Belgium are flying in on the same plane that I come back from Europe on - that's going to make for a really smart conversation next month. Then we did a first estimate for the Kentucky work (which isn't in Tennessee as I thought yesterday).

Listening to Milladoiro is gradually getting me soothed down (its Galicia No Tempo) and the Saki and crockpot chicken is also helping (the experiment continues). Speaking of which after putting the prediction about oil on the noticeboard I saw the quote at MyDD about analyst quotes for oil prices next year. And I quote:

"I just finished canvassing the Street to see what analysts are using for the price of oil for 2005, the integral element of their estimates. The average of the whole Street is $31 a barrel. Nobody is higher than $35; many are still below $30. Here are the prices I have as of this morning from the firms that have helped:
Goldman Sachs: $35
Raymond James: $34
AG Edwards: $32
Merrill Lynch: $32
Lehman Brothers: $30
Smith Barney: $28
UBS: $28
CSFB: $27
Bear Stearns: $30 "

Obviously they didn't read the NYT yesterday. Well off to meander around the blogospere and then back to "Green Rider." I was tempted to suggest that Kerry respond to Cheney by asking whether he would rather live in Ireland or Israel, but realized that would be too nuanced.


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