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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Blogger's Sunday

The new semester seems to be coming at express train rates, and there is too much to do, so I excuse myself that this will be the last free weekend for a while. Yesterday we dropped by a Beauty Contest, then watched "Girl with a Pearl Earring." The Actress pointed out that it was a lot more enjoyable if you had read the book first. The DVD has a feature on the scene where the patron comes to pick up a painting and then doesn't come through with more. It bothered me a bit then, and its been an itch since.

For a couple of reasons I know some working artists. One is local and we have bought some of his work, both for ourselves and the occasional gift. He, though talented, works other jobs to stay alive. The other in internationally known. So I suppose that she would be my equivalent of Vermeer. I got to thinking of her profit margins which I know in a couple of cases - they are not very great. And thinking about both and what little I know of their relations with clients, the scene felt wrong. Except that they both seem to act as he did, when you start talking about their work. I know that it was used as an artifact to introduce all sorts of elements. But . . . .

So I needed an escape and having not had much luck with Thomas Frank (which I did finish with more effort) and had finished the Chernegor Pirates (which was a bit of a disappointment and thus took a week) I turned to a reliable source and picked Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey's "Elvenbane" from the books-I've-read shelves ('cos I haven't read the sequel which was across the room). By 2 pm today I was at page 434 - notice the difference when the author(s) set me free.

Of course I should be preparing the lecture for Tuesday, but I found a good quote as I have gleefully blogged away the rest of the afternoon, so this was really work related . . . .right . . . . .

Oops! Almost forgot the experiment. We had Sangria with fahitas.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger ~profgrrrrl~ said...

Just curious ... having recently seen Girl With the Pearl Earring and owning the book (but not having gotten around to reading it), is it still worth reading?

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

Yes, I haven't read it but the Actress says that it is in much greater depth and goes into the nuances of the inter-relationships more. She strongly recommends it.

At 8:51 PM, Blogger ~profgrrrrl~ said...

Thanks! I really did feel that something was missing in the relationships...


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