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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Being collegial

I am going to break someone's neck. We are in the middle of an experiment outside and the Administrator comes out and says "there's a student to see you."
"Send him down", quoth I.
"My class assignment is to interview you about xxxx (the class subject)."
"I need to ask you why you think that xxxxx is useful to you in your career."

(Pause - take deep breath - the test ends - tell everyone what to do to start running the next one).

"Why don't you come up to my office . . . "
Remember that I have acquired a reputation for occasional rudeness to students and so be very polite and give the interview - which ends up lasting about 20 minutes.

So far today I have been asked for and sent a copy of a paper to Japan, and promised to copy and send some papers from a conference to some folks in Brazil (it was from before electronic times). I have helped our Development office select one of our pieces for an auction and put a price ($3,000 - tee, hee) on it that surely it won't make. And I am now (bite) three-quarters of the way through the sandwich I started an hour ago. And I am late for a new faculty reception, am half-way through preparing that final report that must be done before I go home, and Michigan just called to remind me to finish negotiating the current contract because they have a new Statement of Work for the next phase that I need to send them before Friday which is tomorrow.

Of course I had 20 minutes to spare today you lazy child of a female dog, but you are my colleague so I will smile gracefully the next time we meet and thank you for the chance to talk about my work.


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