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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Watching the Convention - night 2

I ended up taking part of the afternoon off - one of the problems is that after talking for an hour and a half last night the throat was painful. Thus the x-rays, the tubing and now the specialist. But so far there is nothing much of concern, though I have to take the purple pill (no not that one, the Nexium one).

It also gave me a chance to finish "Grasp the Stars" - kept me reading late at night and then, when I came home there was the package from Amazon. Apart from Calendar Girls and Girl with a Pearl Earring that will go to the Actress on Friday, (and the first season of Paladin which won't) there was also Outfoxed.

So in the peace of an afternoon out in the back yard I watched "Outfoxed" on my laptop. Is it revealing that I fell asleep ? Oh, I know that it shows bias and the graphs where they compare the number of Republicans that are used as experts relative to the number of Democrats is damning, but I didn't find it that particularly disturbing.

Why ? Well I no longer watch CBS and haven't for over 10 years because one night Rather did a 30-min special on a subject about which I know something. He brought in two outside experts that weren't, who espoused opinions that were wrong, without any substantial evidence, and at the end of the program pronounced his judgement proved. And no I don't watch Fox either. If you have to yell at someone to get your point across then you don't have much of an argument in my book.

It is more worrying that none of the "Big Three" channels carried any of what turned out to be three very good speeches tonight (and no that does not include the Senior Senator who did the welcome bit - after a while I did the mute bit).

But the blogging world will ultimately help get around these barriers and as an example I currently check about six sites to see what is really going on in Iraq and the environs.

For example you might want to read back-to-iraq and you might also want to check out Professor Juan Cole . While for the upcoming Civil War in Saudi Arabia, should he ever come back from vacation there is The Religious Policeman. And further to the Lt Bush story it has now worked its way to Orcinus who explains it much better than I can. And which suggests that it might be addressed in more detail by the major press sometime soon.

Oh, in regard to Blackboard, I did find out that they won't post the new info until next month.


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