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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


So, I thought, I might gently coast into the office on such a beautiful day and, inspired by prof b, write a short monologue on the relative benefits of Laphroaig as opposed to Lagavulin and other Islay malts. What a pleasant, though fleeting, thought.

Then we got a note that the Actress's mother had fallen yesterday and the hospice staff had taken her to the emergency room, but it turned out that the only damage apparently was a deep cut. We had a presentation yesterday on the local hospice program, and in the present circumstances I am not quite sure what category she falls in, but apparently we are not to worry.

So its office e-mail time, and oops a) I forgot that the Actress has a ticket for the matinee of the play on Thursday afternoon. b) I was supposed to talk to someone from the Development office and c) there is a briefing tomorrow off-campus on military research needs. A quick check and lo everyone else that should go is off this week, so I need to go to that. Shuffle, shuffle. So all my afternoons this week are now full.

It was only yesterday that I told the Administrator that I was taking them all off so that I could blog and watch the Convention. Duh!

A student writes about the class schedule, and I check blackboard and it isn't posted (despite the fact that his concern is that the class is already oversubscribed and he needs my permission). Oh, and did I forget to write the promotion/tenure recommendation letter for a colleague (I wonder, does she blog - a week ago I would never have thought to look. Will I now ? Probably not - but maybe . . . .) And a graduating PhD comes by to get the last form signed. Her defense was one of the bloodiest I have been in for a while. Courtesy of one of my colleagues who must be one of the angriest faculty, though I can't see why (perhaps not being worshipped enough yet).

Oh, and its lunch time already and the visit next week from our contract folks in Indiana has to be arranged, and the folk from Boston want to come for a visit.

So much for a quiet summer morning - but it does look nice out. Maybe they will get the parts made, and I can go outside and watch tests this afternoon (for a little bit ?).

I got off track with the kids last night, but they were mainly interested (only 3 fell asleep) so at the end I ended up talking briefly about the Boston project in very general terms. There is no high that matches seeing a new idea work and I just couldn't resist talking about where it might go.


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