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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Trying to give me a message

Rabbit, yes I'll say it again, Rabbits!

I find this incredible, and can still hardly speak. A student had written at the end of last semester asking if he could get into a course I am offering next semester, since it was full. I said no problem, and forgot about it until he wrote agan this week, asking that I confirm that there would be no problem. I reassured him, but wanting to find out who all were taking the course tried to access it through Blackboard, without success. So today we did a little probing. That dear, wonderful master Ass-ministrative program that we have spent over $100 million on and provided by PeopleSoft had set my class size at zero, so all the students had found it already full, and only one had queried. I am so mad I can hardly see straight.

I had just got off the phone with the folks from the Big City who explained their problem, and we will have to go up to talk about it, but we may be able to help. This was after talking to the Oklahoma folk for about an hour about that effort, and they want to start August 1, but for which we have no paperwork yet; a frustrating half hour with a graduate student who does not want to accept that until he has done some labwork to realistically understand his problem, developing the theory is premature; and before that just getting into a redesign for Boston, since all the tests yesterday showed that minor mods to the design aren't going to be enough.

Oh and re the coup the campus will make an official announcement this afternoon, apparently. In effect the duties for Number One have been reallocated, and Number Two will be taking on the internal ones. Which is a nice euphamism. I checked their respective reviews for last year, and can understand why the one change, but their numbers weren't much different. It may reflect that Number Two is a more skilled internal politician, which is now, I guess, obvious.


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