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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Timing News

Well what with one thing and another it was a while before I got in to the office this morning. When I did I found that the Oklahoma folk want to come up for a meeting before we start work with them, and that means we need to find out who actually is going to help negotiate a tricky deal. Lots of nominal names, but here in the middle of vacation time we will be having a meeting to find out who it will be. Oh, and that can't be before next week, Mutter. But they will also pay for some extra training. This blogging business must be rubbing off on me, I actually used the word "senile" in a memo (with an s).

So then a meeting on Development, or the growing problem that we have, in that for the wrong reasons the average income of our student families is going up significantly. Turns out that there is a block, not right at the bottom, but next above it, that is now no longer able to afford to come. Hmm, this is more of a money issue, and so we discuss it and a possible start to a new initiative. There will be more meetings.

Then had a quick lunch with the Actress, to remind me of tomorrow afternoon, and off to the research review meeting. Due to some lack of communication I find when I get there that the top Administration are also there, but no speaker to give us the pitch. While waiting I see the latest toy, first a file is transferred from one Mac laptop to another with the litle USB memory stick, then from the second Mac it is loaded into e-mail and sent via a Sony Ericksson T616 and Bluetooth and its satellite connection back to campus, since we are some distance away. I think I am in lust again, and my current laptop is just to old to be able to do this without some significant mods I fear. But we definitely need to check. Drool !! Wonder if I can get it all before the Europe trip ?

Scoot back home to catch the Convention, and glance through the paper. Wow! Hidden in among everything else is a small story that notes that we have had a coup d'etat, and there will soon be a new leader on campus. Yikes ! Well the new power-that-is and I don't get along too well. So do I wait and see how this will all play out, and fight the same battles again with a possible new Administration, or do I drop back to the faithfully phrased "first love of teaching and research" which will almost be true.

Ahah there is late-breaking news, is it that Saddaam had a stroke ? ABC is about to tell on Nightline but I think I read it on atrios who linked to a Mirror story earlier. But it turns out not to be, and reading the actual story, the stroke doesn't appear to be that serious.

I think I will reread "The Bastard King" by Dan Chernenko - it is the first in a series and I just got the second. This will get me back up to speed before I read the sequel. Since I escape into these, I also forget them quickly so I need the re-read to get back up to speed. But when you get a new say Honor Harrington, that means you may read six or seven books (as I just did, but there I only went back three to when she escapes). On the other hand I can start "What's the Matter with Kansas ? How Conservatives won the Heart of America" by Thomas Frank.

Nah ! Sorry Thomas, you don't have a knight in armor on your cover.


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