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Monday, July 19, 2004

So that's a pocket Battleship

Budgets, budgets, budgets so all I have to do is to consolidate two budgets, carefully rearrange them to hide a $15k mistake that someone else made and then put it into dear People Soft and its done. Ha! I don't think there is anyone I know who thinks that this is a good program, or that it has been helpful. What used to take about ten minutes and two pages will likely take all tomorrow morning and at least six pages to get everything in. Grr, again!

But why didn't I do it this afternoon as I had intended, this morning, well apart from waiting for Dear Project Leader to come through with a decision on one of the line items, I got a phone call from the Actress. She was over at the park and the lake was filled with model battleships, due to a local meet. I didn't know they did that so I skedaddled over there and watched as about 20 models - each about five feet long - were being tweaked and then put in the water.

We stayed around and after a while they formed two fleets and started sailing at each other. Now we found out why we had to wear goggles as they started firing BB's at each other. And suddenly one sank - just as in the movies, going down bow first. There was a yell of "Man in the Water," and all firing stopped while the unlucky pilot waded out to the bubbles and then had to immerse himself to pull out his sunken warrior. As soon as he got out of the water the battle resumed. And went on for about 20 minutes. After a while half the boats seemed to be spouting water from leaks caused by the fighting and a couple more sank.

Finally they all ran out of ammo, there was a mandatory 5 minute wait and they started to reclaim the boats, and we came home. What a total surprise (nothing in the paper or any other comment) - I think they are going to be here most of the week, and will have an awards dinner at the end.

And so tonight was to be picture restoration, but I started finding more academic blogs and one led to another, when I get some time I think I will put in links, but for now they just provided some quiet interest as I skimmed through, from one through links to the next.

They were talking about energy in Wyoming on Nightline tonight and it was more balanced than usual, with a nod to the fact that the gas will supply CA energy for 15 years - or the equivalent. With gas prices up and as we approach the peak of world production there has to be a balance. Pity they only briefly mentioned the water issues though.

Having retouched only one photo (Great-Grandfather) its time for "Singularity Sky," by Charles Stross. It replaces "The Glasswright's Master," by Mindy Klasky. The Glasswright book was the fifth in the series and I think that she was getting a bit tired of them, since an awful lot of action got crammed into a small bnumber of pages tying up all the loose end. Pity in a way as the first two or three were better.

Well time to print a picture, read a chapter and bed.


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