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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Smaller thoughts

Hevia is playing through iTunes as I print the restored Great-Aunt Lizzie. This morning we had to get new ID cards, and had to choose one of six patterns. Having had something to do with the subject of two of them it was interesting to see who was choosing what. It took about an hour out of the morning and then in the mild chaos of this afternoon I somewhere forgot to have lunch (for the second time this week).

No matter, however, since there was a delicious lamb meatloaf that the Actress had made for supper (with peaches after to stick to the plan). Which reminds me of that survey that came through the Web the other day as to whether we have lunch and supper, or lunch and dinner - I must get into the habit of properly linking to these as they develop. The book of King Arthur based on the movie lies by the chair. Not having read it or seen the movie yet (I'll probably buy the DVD) it appears to be partly based on books such as "King Arthur - The True Story" by Graham Philips and Martin Keatman. Of the 42 books that cover this that sit on my shelf, largely unread (shades perhaps of professor b ) this is the favorite.

Well back to "Singularity Sky" for a bit, and then bed.


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