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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Progress is not forward

Well at least other folk have politics too. Supposedly today would have been spent talking to this company from the Big City and aranging a trip and then awaiting contract documents for a little bit of work from Michigan. Well things being what they are after chatting with two people at the company involved, that isn't the way things are done. So we take a step back, and must now wait for a third individual to call, so that the protocols can be properly followed. Not that it is any big deal, but its all a matter of scheduling lab time and this is throwing it off. Oh, and there never was a call back from the Big City.

The testing for Boston also went a little downhill this afternoon, or at least what we thought was going to happen when we tried something more realistic did happen. So we need a little more time at the drawing board to flesh out the two ways of getting around the problem.

And the colleague that was supposed to meet me at 5 pm is now going to be very late.

Know what ? I think I'll take tomorrow off and go find something for the Actress !


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