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Monday, July 19, 2004

No lunch yet

I knew that going to bed irritated keeps you awake, but I was and I did. I was starting a new novel and didn't want to get too engrossed, and so went to bed and stayed awake - bah! humbug!

My eyes are slightly crossed from peering into a microscope trying to determine how deep ten microns is - apparently we have cut as far as a couple of hundred, when the target was ten. Well at least we can dial back.

Life is full of ironies. We have just been awarded a contract to develop some technology, but in the initial negotiation one of the streams that would fund work in our lab was cut. After some negotiation it is being re-established, but half the money was to go for a new piece of equipment. The overall project leader has suggested that we put that purchase on hold for a year (and until we can get more money) so that a different new project can be started. Of course there is no money for next year yet, and may not be so that I may have the money to do the work, but not the money for the equipment that is needed to do the work, and then if the equipment comes at all there will be no money for staff to work it. Being cynical I can't help but believe that such a combination would provide a good excuse to delete our portion of the funding.

Now the ironic part, in sending me the latest request for paperwork it included the statement of work for the new project. With an evil chuckle I realise that it is to start to develop something that I am currently signing a contract with someone else to do. And the approach we are playing with works. (Though we are too aggressive as the microscope study showed). It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

Rigger just dropped a note to say she had an emergency laporoscopy but is now doing better, but still of her feet, and my surgeon just left a message and will try calling back this afternoon so I guess I will wait around.


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