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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Making progress

The Administrator is still off work with a bad leg, so there is no-one to keep me working as I should to get these darn budgets out. However with a lot of help the biggest one was finished just after lunch (what lunch) and is now on its merry way. It was delayed since there was a phone call from the guy we are sending the smallest budget to. He's just been away for a couple of weeks and so we caught up on what was going on and what we might do, and there went an hour. Plus I now need to check with other groups around to make sure we can do some of the more interesting things that they are interested in. At which point I still had to do my e-mail. Fortunately I have now got the Junk filter on and so there weren't that many (though a couple got misdirected each way). Among the stack was a note that the proposal that we had sent to Oklahoma was being returned for some corrections and budget changes to the draft before the final submittal. They did not want to fully commit to the end part until we have proved that middle bit works. So another budget had to be worked on some more. That was three for the day and meant that I couldn't get out to watch the tests being run today. What a shame, since it was only about a hundred outside.

The new team shirts also came in and so these got handed out - there is some disagreement about the color but I picked greeen, even though apparently it should be blue - oh, well. They also had one specially made for me to commemorate the most recent part design - I keep looking at it and grinning.

There really hasn't even been time to check my blog list today - how soon will I go into withdrawal ??


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