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Thursday, July 22, 2004

History and vision

Well at least the day started well. Listening to the local radio, the Actress knew the answer to a quiz on who played one of the parts in the movie "Waiting for Dark" and won three tickets to the local fair - which we usually go to. So full of mellowness I went to get the car and drive, via work, to the Big City. The battery was dead. Grumble - open the front - yep its a 6-year battery and I have had the car (quick count) six years.

So there goes the plan for today. Glance through the morning paper. Oh, The Telegraph has a lead article commenting on the plans to cut the British military. The problems with making the wrong cuts in the American military, and its National Guard support base have become evident as one of the lessons from Iraq. I.e. saving money on military sizes, below a certain point, is a false economy. We seem to not have learned the lessons of history on this yet they have been repeated over and over again (among others they are called World Wars One and Two).

And those that say it will never happen again might just want to read the Washington Post as but an example of an upcoming problem. The world energy situation is not as pleasant as one might think and the Belmont Club is posting the odd story (you have to scroll down to June 14 & 18), that tracks some of the developing problems. Sadly these stories suggest a lack of political willingness to learn the lessons of history and to project a vision for understanding the problems that are coming down the pike.

The problem with the view that "a week is a long time in politics" is that it stops those elected to have vision actually having any.


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