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Thursday, July 22, 2004

A Free Day ?

Well so much for optimism. With a little help from the Actress (who had to go out to get her tickets anyway) I took the car to the dealer, expecting a call shortly thereafter saying that the battery was dead etc etc. No call ! So I worked on e-mail and wrote a short report on the work being done for Boston, and the paperwork to get appointments charged properly for the summer

Still no call, so I started copying the lectures from this year onto disks in case the hard drive dies. (No I hadn't done it before). I get about 2 lectures per CD and trying to get a single course onto 2 DVD's didn't work so after an hour I gave up in frustration and went back to the CDs. And with nothing much to do for a while but sit at the computer and wait I meandered through the blog world.

Much of the comment was about Sandy Berger sticking secret documents into various bits of his attire. My view - which means nothing - is that if he did it once I could see it being inadvertent, I have come out of places with pens I forgot to give back - though on the other hand I doubt I could sneak anything out of say the Public Record Office - and that's not even secret). But twice, that is a bit of a stretch.

The rest were mainly comments about the 9/11 report, and the spin that all parties are giving it.

I, on the other hand, was still looking for the comment on the oil situation and later found it at tomdispatch the post quotes Marshall Auerback and discusses among other things the peaking of the world oil production, which is likely less than 5 years away, as discussed here. Major producers of oil have seen declines in actual volumes pumped in the last couple of years.

Which means the next Presidential term might get a bit more interesting.

Well the car is still in the shop, (it appears not to have been the battery) so the Actress came to pick me up. One of the more expensive car repairs I have had - after 30 years we went and bought a new mattress. And if it lasts as long as the current one (which will now be hauled away in a couple of weeks) it will likely outlast at least me.

Came home to mushroom chicken, and opened a bottle of the Rancho Sisquoc Malbec. Not quite as good as I remembered, but not bad.

Well I suppose I ought to go shop on the Internet since I need something by the end of next week. Maybe I'll try and pick up a copy of Outfoxed, while I am at it.


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