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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Egad ! Bennies Already.

When I was looking around to see what is being written on anonymity I was led to The Chronicle initially to an article on anonymity, but then into what I will talk about a lot, and that is the issue of retirement. I have to say that I normally don't read the Chronicle, and only went because of a lead from profgrrrl. I must therefore say a grateful thank you to her (a sentiment I found on at least a couple of the other sites I went to).

The first post in there that I read by Stanley Fish, seemed to sum up my current feelings to a degree. All of a sudden I find in discussions, that I am thinking more that I won't be in this position when the event comes to pass. Or that I look out more for the individuals benefit over that of the institution. Oh, I still fight, but somehow the passion is going, and I worry that perhaps it is time to suggest a replacement.

It is not going to be completely unexpected I have raised the subject a little with a couple of folk, that have suggested I forget it. But . . . and there aren't a whole lot of articles, or advice on this.

And then I read thoughts on becoming emeritus, and looked at all the things in my office, and this is going to be really hard.


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