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Friday, July 23, 2004

A day to get through

Because of going through menopause, (I think) the Actress has been getting up at about 3-4 am and then going back to sleep, but sadly I now do the waking bit, but not the getting back to sleep bit, and thus am more tired. Thus a discouraging start to the day. But one must be joyous, glad, and positive thinking, because we have teachers on a tour, and students coming.

So I borrowed the Actress' car and off to prepare. But first I had to make confession. Last Fall we had filed a Patent Disclosure on an idea and then worked with a company to start to find funding to develop it. Well turns out that the company just got merged and in the publicity that was released and I just saw yesterday, there is a nice paragraph about our work. Which, unless I am much mistaken, counts as publication and so there goes the possible patent. So I had to write a note to the higher Admin about this. (I guess that is also why I wasn't sleeping, though I have been waking early all week and this did not dawn on me until dawn today).

Then I formatted the data from the tests we were running for Boston yesterday, and the results show the exact opposite of what we had predicted. This is why I just love being an experimentalist. There I am, wrong. Well, rabbits! So I had to write another memo.

Now its time for the first of four teacher groups who are coming at half-hour intervals for the rest of the morning to tour the lab, but I have to dash out the door and head off to talk to some high school students on a different tour. Who were about 15 minutes late, but acceptably so since they had driven a long way. But as a result only about three seemed to want to pay any attention. But then maybe I wasn't my usual thrilling self.

Then back to the lab, pick up the last third of each tour, and crack the same old joke etc. Must admit the delivery seemed to get better and by the end of the second and third groups there were some smiles. As somebody once said "we shoot our arrows in the air, they fall to earth, we know not where," (Yes I could look it up, but . . .) Such are these . . . .

OK so now the car shop calls and they can't find anything wrong, but a labor charge. Pick up the car. Go to the Apple store to get one of the new fancy Airports - they're more than completely sold out.

So go to get the Actress a gift - she would like a speaking GPS system for the car. Reading all the reviews on Amazon last night it appears there are two candidates a Magellan and a Garmin. The former is better but half of them are apparently faulty. So the store has both. Switch on the M and wait for it to find itself. After 20 minutes the thought arrives to me and the sales person that it won't find itself inside a concrete building. So I buy it (with immediate return rights) and park the car outside while we get it set up. Five minutes later we are in business. So I head home, and its rush hour.

Must say that first drink tasted really good !

Oh, I see that the WaPo has got an editorial about the oil situation. Unfortunately they seem to think that just because something is counted as a reserve, that it is. As was pointed out earlier in the year, in the Christian Science Monitor of Jan 29th Western production is going down, and it ain't good. And a lot of the optimism in both articles is a bit thinly based.

Also see that some of the then Lt. Bush's records have shown up (see the WaPo again). However the existing records have already been interpreted (at The AWOL project) and they provide some evidence for more than just what is now being revealed. Now if only I had time to go through that analysis because I am not completely sure that it is all logical. But somebody surely will.


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