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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Concert time

Well while the battleships still sail the lake (sorry I called them boats) tonight was concert time. Sitting on the Green listening to the Town Band was very relaxing, though a nearby Boxer made sure I didn't fall asleep (the owner said I was kissed - hmmm).

Still really too hot, even at 7:30, but at least the sun wasn't a problem any longer. Then back to another photo, this of the Great Grandmother, and I must be learning something since it was done in just over an hour. At which point my shoulders rebelled. Funny I did the exercise thing this morning, but I need to do it more regularly I suppose.

It was Carpet Cleaning Day today and the furniture is still in disarray, but should be back to normal in the morning. Had a call from the Big City this morning to see if I could help with a problem. They seemed tickled when I said I could come and take a look, but then didn't call back. Well there went the excuse to go in to get something for the Actress. Guess I'll just sneak off anyway.

But I should probably watch the tests tomorrow, and then decide the schedule for the rest of the summer - which is almost gone - who stole the best part of it ? Well, better read for a few more pages so that I can get to sleep. Can't really get into this new book that easily, but press on.


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