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Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Call to England

Took a while to get through today, but the phone may have been off the hook a bit at the other end, where otherwise there were no problems. The Traveller will go up and see her in a couple of weeks, with family, and take her out for a couple of days. She also has a new care person whom she says she hasn't met yet. That's a vaguely worrying thing to hear since her old one has been gone a week. And she is being taken care of, so someone has to be doing it.

And in the chat we talked about the Actress's mother being in poor shape at the beginning of the call, and then at the end she had forgotten even that she was in care.

So I am standing at the window talking with her and I look out on the front of the house. And there about 10 feet from the house is a deer. Three rows of white dots along the flanks. I yell to the Actress, but as she comes over the deer must have heard a noise (or us trying to be quiet) and off it bounds. Running from window to window we never saw it again.


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