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Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Call to England

Instead of the Antiques Road Show it was golf on the tele today. As I called it was just about over and the course was full of police. Funny really since we reminisced that when Harold Wilson was PM he got on the train with everyone else and only one policeman. Mum's main care person has quit to take a job in a supermarket. And the other lady who took care of her at night when she first moved into the home has been on the sick with arthritis for a long time, but dropped by on Friday.

Mum's memory is going more notably this week, and she did not remember that I told her about the Actress' father dying twelve days ago or that we gone to the funeral. But as we talked she perked up.

Lunch included 3 apricots - since , after they had a look down my throat I checked the relevant web site (which I need to look up again) and while it is not a problem, they do say eating three friut courses a day helps.


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