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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Before the Convention

Well I suspect I'm going to spend the next few nights in front of CSpan so this is the last night to work on photos for a while. I finally finished "Singularity Sky" only 337 pages but it took all week. Could not escape into it - now reading "Grasp the Stars" by Jennifer Wingert. Much better - not to spoil the plot or anything but it starts with the attempted rape of an 8,000 year old alien. I'm already a hundred pages in and hooked.

The Actress found a mysterious package in the freezer (now we both have to use glasses to read) and it turned out to be Goat burger. So we had goat meatloaf. Actually not that much different than lamb, which means pretty good.

Last night I finally made a better photo by using Multiply as taught by Katrin Eismann, tonight its on to using Screen Blending to lighten a very dark picture of Granda in hospital in Cambridge after the operation to remove shrapnel from his leg (that didn't work.

That reminds me that while talking to Mum today she commented that Rigger was out for a week after her laparoscopy. I mentioned that when the Advocate had it done to remove his appendix earlier this summer, he was seeing patients the following Monday. In her day either of them would have been in hospital for a week, and then recuperating for a month.

The Advocate called tonight and mentioned that he has started to write comments into websites. He needs to watch out or before long he'll slide down the slippery path to his own blog site. The Engineer also called, he has got a new car to replace the one that was totalled in his accident at the end of last month. Ah, worry, worry . . .


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