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Sunday, July 18, 2004

And so to bed

Well the planned for quiet evening turned out quite busy. After fixing Chicken Teryaki and finishing it with cherries sat down to shift the Actress' e-mail over to Apple Mail. Went with little problem, but then started to read blogs. Registered for the LATimes Website and this required I access my own e-mail. Oops! 26 pages that had to be deleted, and in the middle discovered that Rigger has just got out of hospital, and is still feeling bad. I wonder what happened, sent an e-mail to find out. The Ipod I sent her came back this week, and so must wait until I can get over there to make sure she gets it.

So much for rest, there were two notes giving me a full day of work tomorrow doing paperwork, when I had already commited to getting into the lab. Grrrr!


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